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Welcome to the Patient Information Website for the Navigation of Joint Endoprostheses

You will find a detailed overview on these websites for implanting endoprostheses with the help of the OrthoPilot® navigation system.

The implantation of navigated joint endoprostheses in Germany ranks among approximately 130,000 supplies per year and is one of the most frequently performed operation.

The aim of modern implants, the Aesculap endoprostheses are belonging to, is a fast and above all pain-free return of the patient to its everyday life or job.

Maximum bone preservation and soft tissue treating operating techniques build up today’s standard. This is supported and guaranteed by modern prostheses systems and orthopaedic navigation with the OrthoPilot® system.

More than 1,000 surgeons worldwide today are working with the OrthoPilot® navigation system. More than 300 studies have proven the effectiveness of the method.

The production and installation of the OrthoPilot®, as well as the production of the required joint endoprostheses take place in Tuttlingen. With approximately 2,800 employees Tuttlingen is the domicile of the B. Braun Aesculap division. The implant factory at the location in Tuttlingen – the Benchmark Factory – resembling in Europe, ensures in this area with approximately 320 employees and with a production area of more than 15,000 square meters, that hospitals all over the world are punctually supplied with reliable, high quality and precise manufactured implants.

Many questions are connected with a navigated joint replacement – certainly you as a possible patient or prospective customer are looking for answers to this topic, which we gladly would like to give you on these sides.