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OrthoPilot® Basic Information

The OrthoPilot® navigation system is a computer-assisted navigation system, which helps the surgeon to accomplish operations at the knee and hip joint with high accuracy and high reliability. It indicates the individual anatomical structures to the operating surgeon, in order to support it during the optimal implant positioning in accordance with its planning. Minimum invasive approaches with reduced visibility range on the OR field, minimized soft-tissue trauma and decreased bone substance loss require the mandatory dedication of a navigation system.

The OrthoPilot®  was developed from a project at the University in Grenoble in the context of the IGOS project (Image Guided Orthopedic Surgery), which was promoted by the European Union.

The navigation of orthopaedic interventions is a sophisticated technology. Since the first clinical accomplished surgery in January 1997 the OrthoPilot® is the world-wide leading navigation system in the range of orthopaedic navigation with more than 670 systems in 38 countries and also more than 140,000 operations at the knee and hip joint. OrthoPilot® is standard in many hospitals.

Compared to an operation robot the OrthoPilot® navigation system is similar to a navigation system in a car. Thus it is not a robot, which accomplishes work procedures independently, but it is a visualization assistance for the operating surgeon. The entire surgery is accomplished by the operating surgeon itself. The surgeon receives important information for the adjustment of the instruments and implants from the OrthoPilot®, which helps to improve the operation result for each patient.