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Purpose of a Navigated Hip Surgery

An important condition for a good result of joint replacement is the correct geometrical adjustment of the implant components. An implantation of the artificial hip joint in suitable anatomical situation guarantees a long implant durability and a large leg mobility. Otherwise an intensified abrasion and wear of the implant will appear, as well as a restriction of the joint movement, whereby the risk of dislocation increases. The OrthoPilot® supplies important information within the hip navigation regarding the joint movement and submits proposals for solutions at the display. It supports the operating surgeon with the correct adjustment of the cup and stem.

Compared to many other systems the OrthoPilot® navigation system is abandoned from additional image-guided preliminary analysis of the patient. Therefore there are no exposure doses by CT-scans. The substantial advantage for the patient is the accuracy during the adjustment of the implant – the condition for a long durability of the artificial hip joint and a good joint function.

In addition with less invasive surgical techniques a faster rehabilitation is possible. Early mobilisation of the patient leads to short bed times and a good functional result. Navigation plays an important, if not indispensable role for a safe operation and implantation. OrthoPilot® helps to keep everything in the straight view for the operating surgeon, even with smaller approaches.