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Operating Mode

The OrthoPilot® is a unit consisting of a computer, a screen, as well as a camera and transmitters. There are different software modules for different surgeries. Transmitters are connected to the bone of the patient and to the instruments, which permanently determine the position of the instruments and the situation of the patient during the surgery. By the use of a stereooptical camera the software generates a spatial picture.

Infrared camera
Using an infrared camera the position of the transmitters is determined.

Attached to the instruments and to the bone, they reflect the infrared light sent by the camera, the location data are calculated. The transmitters are equipped with 4 sterile, reflecting marker balls each at the beginning of the surgery.

For the representation of the determined data and results.

Contains the computer with software and equipment.

With the help of a specific application installed on the OrthoPilot®, the location and position of the transmitters to each other, as well as the situation and position of the used, navigated instruments comparatively to the patient can be calculated. These data, which are determined during the operation (intraoperatively), are shown to the operating surgeon as exact positioning assistance during the surgery.